#youare SPECIAL

yes,you are special if :

  • You can make me feel something that I want
  • You can see I taking care even though I don't tell you
  • You can handle me with your adult
  • You can make me to say 'what a great today,thanks for making me feel awesome :)'
  • You can make me act like i don't care,but actually I've read your every post on twitter even the one that have forgoten
  • You can make me won't to say 'this should be end soon :('
  • You can make me miss you badly on my lowest point
  • You can make me to be a good stalker when i'm in love with you
  • You can make me feel how I love my life,my way
  • You can make me laugh everytime i call you with a silly nickname and how you mad at me,its so funny :D
  • You can be my healer when i feel my dilemma no longer fits to me 
  • You can make me feel afraid and say "please don't be inlove with someone else,please don't have somebody waiting for you"
  • You can make me  want to reading all those old conversations we had,and it can makes me miss you even more
  • and #youare So Special if I tell you everything about me and my life problems                                                                                   
  • Most precious, I pray for someone like you,hope that you feel the same way too..
  • whoever nd wherever you are,find me if you can. when someday finally I found you nd make me laugh, bored, angry, criying,etc.
  •  i'll waitin' you  :

    "thanks for everything,yea I mean like E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G :)"

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